Tuesday 14 May 2013

Why the West is wrong to support the Syrian rebels

The Syrian civil war has reached its nadir with rebel groups using sarin against fighters of the Syrian army. Whilst Assad's regime is also nothing short of cruel and inhumane treatment of the civilian population, given the horrendous level of brutality meted out by the rebel fighters, it is time for the West to disengage from this conflict.

The latest incidence of a Syrian rebel fighter committing gratuitous violence to a body of a Syrian soldier is just one in a long list reflecting the Islamist radicalisation of the rebel forces with strong sectarian undertones. It seems to me that Russia has been right all along to insist that arming the rebel forces is tantamount to arming the most extremist wing of Islamism. Anybody who hopes that the sectarian hatred which has become second nature to the rebel forces bodes well for a liberated Syria is mistaken.

We should remember that Syria can never be Iraq, not least because no Western country, including the US, would ever want to commit ground troops to police a post-Assad Syria. That leaves one brutalised faction of Syria against another in the current scenario. It is time Western powers pull back from the brink and cease their support for the Islamist extremist rebel forces.


  1. I have just read all posts available on this scroll.
    You are most certainly different.

    Some of the statements strike me as almost incredible, such as paedophilia in the Green Party. aren't there laws against that sort of thing?

    I shall visit again, if only to marvel at your opinions.

    From another German, just across the Welsh border into England.
    (Actually just South of where you are now.

  2. Hi there, many thanks for your comment! Yes, there are laws against this and the Green Party made it a manifesto pledge to legalise paedophilia. They are now deeply embarrassed about this and say it will be investigated how they came to make this pledge in the past. Apparently, the involvement of paedophile groups with the party went much deeper. They say that some campaign groups for the legalisation of paedophilia had privileged access to the party leadership in the past and they will, again, try to find out how this may have happened.

    I will update this blog if they come up with any answers!

    Best wishes