Thursday 3 April 2014

The Palestinian Front splits again!

The political left in the UK is always concerned to provide sufficient choice for its potential voters. According to Wikipedia there are currently more than 24 leftist political parties vying for the support of anybody who sees him/herself on the left of Labour. Yet, 24 political parties are clearly not enough so Ken Loach has just launched another Socialist Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of Palestine (or was that England?).

Time to split - with comrades like these who needs Labour?

He was kindly answering questions online to Guardian readers recently and mentioned that his new party will look to establish co-operations with other left parties in Europe, such as Die Linke (the former East German Communists) and Syriza. I am not sure that either of those will be much amused about this offer, given that both parties actually win votes (Die Linke is even in government in some German states), which is clearly something that Loach's party can only dream of. Yet, every revolution starts with a dream, or shall we say with false consciousness?

I will bet a great British pound (ONE!) that Loach's party will not even get their deposit back if they ever muster to put up a candidate in a general election. Anyone???

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