Sunday 12 August 2012

What a transformation! Britain and the Olympic Games

Having written about Britain's litter problem only recently, I shall now eat my words! Arriving in London during the Olympics was like arriving in a different country. Helpful volunteers everywhere with a big smile on their faces (probably thinking of the amazing haul of Gold medals that was lying in wait for Britain!) and trains running on time!

Even Cardiff was presenting itself from its best side, with the city centre cleaned up for spectators of the football tournament and impeccable organisation during match days. What happened?

As so many, I was infected by the constant moaning and criticism that is so characteristic of the tone in the British media. Often the contrast with America couldn't be sharper. While Americans relentlessly celebrate success and effort, the British default sentiment is often latent defeatism or biting sarcasm.

But how things have changed! The Olympics have demonstrated that Britain can really put on world class events and that Brits can be proud of what they have achieved during the Olympics. Not only was this event run with incredible organisational skill, the enthusiasm and pride in British sporting achievements was infectious.

Nicola Adams - First Women's Boxing Olympic Champion

I watched with amazement the fight of Nicola Adams who became the first ever women's boxing Olympic champion and today the fight of Anthony Joshua who, after only 4 years of competitive boxing and at the age of 22, became the Olympic champion in the super-heavyweight category. What an achievement! Not to mention the win of Mo Farrah and the well deserved Bronze medal of Tom Daley.

So credit where credit is due: Britain put on a fantastic Olympic games and can be proud of herself!

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